Change daily routines and habits

The implementation of a new tool like Skype for Business or Teams can only be successful when employees embrace the technology and become habitual users. Only then the organization can reach the project’s business goals and ROI. However, the introduction of new technology usually involves a new way of working. Employees will have to change their daily routines and habits. As most people are resistant to change this turns out to be one of the most challenging aspects of a project.

Unfortunately change management and user adoption are often neglected. Employees only receive a few e-mail announcements, attend a kick-off presentation and receive a brief technical instruction on how to use the new application. Given the fact that in most projects the user adoption goals are not met, a more advanced approach is required.

Various levels

Communicativ offers user adoption support at various levels. We provide user- and administrator trainings for Skype for Business, Teams, Surface Hub and Skype Room Systems. Trainings can be conducted on-site or on-line. For larger projects a specialised Change Manager offers practical guidance to the project team. Following a structured approach (Prosci) and using concrete metrics we provide insight in user performance and the effectiveness of the change management activities.

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