Where do you begin?

During the Business Needs phase, we look at the organization’s communication processes and requirements, business needs, current pain points and culture. We define the call flows and communication personas for the heavy impact departments. The foundation of every good communication and collaboration solution is it’s ability to support the business needs. This may seem like a cliché but many solutions fail to do so. Organizations often struggle to identify their business needs. In most cases the own IT staff is occupied with running the day to day business. They lack time and experience to do the job. While most external experts may be able to deliver a large report they are missing the in-depth Microsoft product knowledge to provide concrete and specific enough recommendations. Communicativ therefore offers communication and collaboration assessments to identify these needs.

A holistic approach

We conduct interviews with office workers, managers and other stakeholders. Our functional consultants look at the organization’s communication processes, what’s working and what is not. Using a holistic approach we also consider the office environment and other factors that are influencing the employees in their daily communication activities.

The customer receives an assessment report that includes communication persona, call flows and concrete recommendations for the functional design of a Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams solution.

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