Businesses are constantly improving to collaborate more efficient. The possibilities are endless, and the usability is currently the starting point for every new design of a product or service. Recently there are great new products and services available to support and improve the collaboration need in your officespace and meeting rooms.

Past and Present

In the past we were reducing travel time and costs with traditional video conferencing systems. These systems where not available for all user and they where equipped in special rooms. So, the total business impact was still low. Today we have the possibility to use real-time Audio, Video and Content behind your tabled or phone and we have optimized systems for specific room usage. These systems works with integrated Teams or Skype for Business and could, for example, support your Scrum board, Whiteboard or Mindmap sessions by just downloading the app. We are able to support users on multiple locations and different languages. This makes it possible for every user to actively participate and contribute in collaboration sessions whatever device or system is used.

Team Sessions
With Microsoft Teams integrated systems we can support powerful team session with real-time audio, video and content.
Cover distance
We are able to talk, see and work together on a distance with real time language translation. This will reduce the cost of travelling?
User adoption
Every product is designed for simple and efficient usage. All ages and office workers are able to take advantage of this products.
Higher productivity
On average we see the workforce equipped with the wright solutions having a higher productivity. A productivity growth of 15%+ is easy reachable.

Defining space

The conference room has become the centre of collaboration and creativity. We need to approach this differently and are able to tune processes better. Investigate the business needs per department but also see the opportunities outside the conference room.

We see the modern collaboration challenge as defining space needs on the basis of process supporting desires. Such as different space personas for different locations and business activities. We subdivide this in these types of workspaces: On the Go, My Stage, The Huddle, Next Gen Conference Room, The Vibe and The Auditorium.

Surface Hub

The device that is introduced 3 years ago has changed the conference world. An all-in one product that connects different channels such as communication, video conference, collaboration and Business Process support. The base of the Microsoft Surface Hub is a Windows10 teams OS in a touch appliance with build-in cameras, moving sensors and NFC reader functionality.

The Surface Hub version 1 is offered in a 55 inch full HD and a 84 inch 4k model and has a modified Windows 10 users interface with integrated office applications such as Skype for Business, PowerBI and Whiteboarding. Goal: “Everybody can use the Surface Hub”. The Surface Hub is standard equipped with 2 cameras, on the left and right side of the device. These 2 cameras give persons using the device the possibility to be perfectly visible when they are only 30 cm in front of the screen. For persons who are used to the traditional way of video conferencing there is a possibility to equip the Surface Hub with a Pan Tilt Zoom camera (PTZ).

Communicativ is within West Europe the Microsoft Surface Hub Customer Experience Partner and ADR. Our demonstration team has been deployed by Microsoft from day 1 to show the customer what are the possibilities of this product. This secures you with a great positioning of the possibilities and support in your business processes.

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Skype Room System and Teams Room System

Microsoft has launched a new product at the bottom of the conference room segment with the Skype Room System. With a simple touchscreen you have the possibility to transform any space to a full Skype for Business or Teams supporting conference room.

The Skype Room System gives the opportunity to simply start a conference, share documents and add multiple participants. This device can easily be added to your existing LCD screens and can be equipped with a HD ultra wide or Pan Tilt Zoom camera.

Communicativ is one of the Microsoft Skype and Teams Room System Test Approval Program (TAP) participant. This TAP program given us the opportunity to gain experience with the new product, software versions, the vision and the configuration possibilities from day one.