The strength of an organisation is there communication. Internal or external, communication is a daily activity for every employee. Employees are increasingly becoming mobile workers who make the demand for efficient communication bigger. How do we deliver the right insight in availability and do we support these new employees with the correct resources as e-mail, chat, telephony and video conferencing.

Microsoft UC portfolio

Microsoft has, within there Unified Communication portfolio, products which could support your employees in their daily communication needs. Products as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Office 365 Phone System and Exchange are currently used by millions of employees worldwide.

Team Sessions
With Microsoft Teams integrated systems we can support powerful team session with real-time audio, video and content.
Cover distance
We are able to talk, see and work together on a distance with real time language translation. This will reduce the cost of travelling?
User adoption
Every product is designed for simple and efficient usage. All ages and office workers are able to take advantage of this products.
Higher productivity
On average we see the workforce equipped with the wright solutions having a higher productivity. A productivity growth of 15%+ is easy reachable.

Microsoft Teams

The possibilities of Microsoft Teams are almost endless. It provides the frequently used collaboration tools in a single pane and greatly simplifies the daily activities of employees.
Team members can easily reach out to each other using persistent chat, voice- or video calls. On-line team meetings can be started at the click of a button. Customers, partners and other stakeholders can be included in the conversation as well.

All information related to a specific team or project is clustered and made accessible right through Team’s navigation pane. Think of the chat history between team members of last month in which they discussed how to solve a particular problem or sprint documents. Team members no longer have to search in different locations for the information they’re looking for. It’s right there where they would expect it to be. Read more….

Skype for Business

Microsoft Skype for Business has proven itself the recent years as the substitute for the traditional PBX. Organisations are currently communicating in more ways than just via phone. You can think of chat, content sharing, video conferencing, whiteboarding and remote presentations. The possibilities are endless and currently a data connection is the only requirement. Save on your communication costs and make your employees work more efficient, any place, any time, any person!

Office 365

With the use of Office 365 we have facilitated over a million users in their e-mail needs . Billions of e-mails are being sent and received daily with Office 365. Besides e-mail Office 365 gives the possibility to run other applications such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Cloud Phonesystem (PBX). With these applications it is possible to facilitate a full communication and collaboration environment by Microsoft from the Cloud. This gives you the possibility to incorporate your local access phone numbers in the Microsoft Cloud with the use of number porting. Besides the named possibilities there are several communication modules such as PSTN Conference and Broadcast Meetings. With PSTN Conference you give your users the possibility to extend the Skype or Teams meetings with local access phone numbers. Broadcast Meeting gives you the possibility to upscale the standard meeting maximum of 250 users to a maximum of 10.000 participants.

Microsoft Exchange

The e-mail server is inseparable with the current IT-environment but we can see a clear movement from the on premise environment to Office 365. However it’s still possible to set up a new e-mail environment with the use of the latest Microsoft Exchange service standards. For migrating whatever e-mail platform to Exchange 201X we are your helping hand.