Many businesses have switched to Microsoft Skype for Business or are switching to Microsoft Teams. This transition makes video conferencing often a problem between traditional video conferencing systems and the new Skype for Business or Teams based conferencing environment. How are we cooperating two different environments when the users want to experience these as one?

Two worlds together

Communicativ delivers a software layer that makes it’s possible to merge these two worlds of traditional VC and Skype for Business or Teams together. You are able to share audio, video and content from any device and any protocol. This is called interoperability.

All our solutions are offered both on-premise, private-cloud by using Azure in your tenant or via public cloud. We can easily integrate in your current Skype for Business or Teams meetings. This interoperability solution enable users to keep working as used to, with all the benefits of Skype for Business or Teams.

Simple connect
Connect Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, etc. with your Microsoft Skype for Business or Teams environment.
Cover distance
We are able to talk, see and work together on a distance with real time language translation. This will reduce the cost of travelling?
Efficient designed
Every product is designed for simple and efficient usage. All ages and office workers are able to take advantage of this products.
Higher productivity
On average we see the workforce equipped with the wright solutions having a higher productivity. A productivity growth of 15%+ is easy reachable.

Interop Support

Internet Explorer & Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera.

SIP, H.323, SVC, H.264, H.263, VP8, RTV, RDP, H.265, H264HP, VP9, G.7xx, OPUS, AAC, Siren.

Android, iOS and Microsoft

Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Lync 2013, Lync 2010, Surface Hub, Teams Room System, Skype Room System, Lync Room Systems

Cisco, Tandberg, Lifesize, Polycom, Yealink, Huawei and others

Application integration

Besides communicating between different video systems, web and desktop clients we make it also possible to integrate this application in your own business application. This makes it possible to exchange real-time audio, video and content in your daily customer communication through your own branded interface.

Our solution is especially selected on its strength and simplicity. From technical point of view we can communicate between 99,9% of the most used and known protocols. Beside this it’s also possible to simply add additional capacity where necessary without getting bogged down in additional service licenses. With the license structure we make it possible to build geo-redundant environments which accomplish the best performance and reduce the data traffic through your (SD-)WAN network.