Microsoft Teams desk

One of the current trends in collaboration is the increasing number of short meetings with a small group of people. They also involve an increasing number of remote attendees. Organizations are often looking into equipping multiple of their meeting rooms with the right technology to facilitate this type of meetings.

Their challenge is to keep the costs per room low. These costs consist of the investment costs fort the equipment and furniture and the costs for installing the system in the room and managing. With traditional presentation and video systems these costs are high.

To provide customers with a cost effective alternative Communicativ developed a Teams & Skype Meeting Desk. It provides a complete solution for less than € 4.995,00 excl. VAT. The SocialZ 120 Teams or Skype Meeting Desk consists of a standing height table for 3 persons. Integrated with a 27 inch monitor and a Microsoft Teams, Skype Room System or Logitech TAP system with Logitech Meet-Up camera, microphone and loudspeaker.

Users can host Skype/Team meetings from the desk. Presentation content from a laptop or other device can be brought into the meeting via an HDMI cable. The 27 inch screen provides a clear view of both remote participants and presentation content. The internal soundbar ensures that everyone in the call can be heard clearly.

The integrated camera has an ultrawide 120 degrees ‘field of view’ capturing all the 3 seating positions in a single shot. At the center of the desk is a 10” touchscreen from where the meeting is controlled. Meetings are started with a single button opening the meeting’s entry in the unit’s Outlook calendar.

The SocialZ 120 is not only a practical meeting desk for the users in the meeting room but also ensures high audio and video quality for the remote participants. The quality of the desk’s integrated camera and microphone are much higher than the integrated units in a laptop. The desk’s shape ensures that all local meeting participants are placed correctly for the camera.

Easy global shipment

The unit comes in 4 parcels that can be easily transported in any elevator or even carried up the stairs. Installing the desk does not require any conduit or wall or ceiling mounting. It just needs a power and network connection.

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