Why putting work in replacing a perfectly fine OS with the same OS?

Nowadays 9 times out of 10, new business productivity devices such as Microsoft Surface Pro’s and other Laptops are shipped with pre-installed Windows 10 ready for direct use.

Why would I as an IT engineer, or IT manager take away the end-user’s pleasure of unpacking their brand-new device, removing the plastic protection film from the casing and install another version of the same Windows 10 on the device with the only reason other than…   you need a custom company setup?

Right, you don’t have to anymore. And not for the soul purpose of giving the employee the unbox experience of unwrapping their new devices, but to leverage your IT workplace deployment scheme from full to a zero-touch provisioning process, with little to no involvement from your IT staff and resources.

Windows Autopilot enables you to have your Employees to be able to provision their devices themselves. At first boot they will setup their network by connecting the device to the work of private Wi-Fi or LAN, give in their corporate e-mail address and get all the policy’s, applications and certificates you need them to have on their corporate device.

Windows Autopilot works with Microsoft Intune, System Centre Configuration Manager or other MDM solutions. Windows Autopilot can be fully cloud based, or Hybrid based enrolled into your current on-prem Active Directory infrastructure.

Windows Autopilot can even be used in a Windows 7 migration scenario using a single System Center Configuration Manager (current branch) task sequence.

This easy to use deployment feature will also be used in the future for meeting room devices like Surface Hub.

Do you like to know more about autopilot or interested in a demo? please contact our organization to schedule a meeting.